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Products and Services I Use

Most of the products and services I mention in my blog posts are ones I use. I’ll try to make it clear when I am mentioning something that I am evaluating and not necessarily using frequently. I will from time to time mention products or services that interest me that I have not tried. I will make it clear when I do this.

No Revenue, Not Affiliated

I mention products and services that I find useful for my projects and in some cases ones that have been problematic for me. I do this so that others can benefit from my experiences. I don’t make any money from commission sales or affiliated links and in fact my links are never affiliated.

Youtube Ads

I do monetize my youtube channel videos with ads.

Evaluation Units and Freebies

From time to time vendors provide me with evaluation units to test and in some cases I am allowed to keep these units. In other cases, vendors have provided me with free materials or items because I support their community of users in various ways. When I mention evaluation units or freebies in my posts I will make it clear how I obtained the unit.

Buyer Beware

Please understand that I provide my honest opinion about products, services and vendors. However, you need to evaluate any product, service or vendor for suitability to your own needs. Don’t assume that because I like something, you will. So Buyer Beware.

Safety First

Many of the procedures, tools, devices, products and services mentioned in these posts can harm you or harm others. In some cases misuse can result in death. Please consider safety first. Do not assume that my procedures are the safest or the one’s you want to follow. Read the manuals, follow best practices and strive to understand how to use these items and procedures safely. I am not liable for your usage of anything mentioned herein.

Buying from Vendors

I buy from suppliers like Adafruit and Sparkfun and other domestice suppliers. I also frequently buy from Ebay and and other similar vendors, many of which are in Asia. I’ve been pretty lucky buying from Hong Kong and China. You may not be so lucky. I do mention the ebay sellers that I use successfully from time to time to help you filter out the other vendors. But again, Buyer Beware. Your mileage may vary and your experiences may not match mine.