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GuggenHat With Default Messages

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The RVA Makerfest is just a few days away. People are getting excited and are hoping for a great first event in Richmond Virginia.

1086 Blue Cheese Robotics Team is going to have a pit setup and will be demonstrating the 2014 season robot called Mozzarella. In addition, our local PBS stations, The Community Idea Stations Science Matter’s team asked 1086 Blue Cheese to staff their booth with team members. The team is going to build projects with young kids to get them excited about Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM).

With such a presence by our robotics team at RVA Makerfest I wanted to do something that would draw attention to me so that I can direct people to our exhibit booth.

So I decided to build a GuggenHat.

The directions on the Adafruit site are pretty good so I won’t repeat them here. In 4 hours my youngest and I had built a hat that was working. But one thing was missing, the program supplied by Adafruit did not have the ability to display any default messages.

I modified the code and added some eye candy effects and default messages. I’ve tested the code with up to 5 messages that repeat until you send a message from your bluetooth enabled ios device (iPhone). You can find the code on github.

Once you send a new message to the hat via bluetooth the default messages stop. To return to the default messages you just send a colon “:” over bluetooth.

I built the guggenHat recently and added default message capability and some eye candy effects. I will blog about this soon and post the url here. Until then:

I’m pretty excited about the outcome. The hat looks good in person and the default message ability makes it easy to deliver multiple messages handsfree.

If you are in the Richmond Virginia area please come out to the RVA Makerfest on September 27, 2014 at the Science Museum. Thank you Science Matters for putting your trust in the members of 1086 Blue Cheese.