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I live in Richmond Virginia and work at the University of Richmond. I run the web services group and we take care of the technical infrastructure, content managment and middleware systems for the public web. We manage more than 140 web sites of various sizes. Note that I really love my work and team. We partner with University Communications to take care of the public web in all manners required. I am so lucky to participate on a very high performing team at the University.

Instead of listing my history here just go over to LinkedIn if you want to know about my education and work history.

Maker and STEM

I’m approaching retirement which is maybe three to five years off. As I approach retirement I am increasingly interested in being a better maker and helping others be makers. I have been, and continue to be very involved in introducing STEM to K12 students. I am passionate about US FIRST Robotics for K12 students. I have coached teams, mentored and voluntered at various levels since 2006 and I continue to do the same. FIRST Robotics is great for creating interest and experience in practical STEM. FIRST Robotics Blog Post


I am not a professional programmer or developer. I am a professional that programs some. I love programming and learned FORTRAN many decades ago. These days I program in Java, PHP, Python, BASH Shell Scripts and various embedded versions of C/C++. I am learning iOS programming with Swift currently.

RVA MakerFest

Recently I was asked to join the RVA MakerFest leadership team. I participated as a FIRST Robotics Mentor at the first MakerFest in 2014. It was a big success and I am honored and thrilled to help in some small way to make the 2015 MakerFest a success.


I’ve got a lot more to say about why I am a maker but right now I have to go complete an accent lighting project for a new kitchen.

Now Go Make Something!